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Is Text Marketing Better Than Video Marketing

Do videos and images really help your business grow? For the past two days, I’ve been attending an online affiliate marketing course. Completed the lessons this morning. Yayy! Excited to start! BUT WAIT… The examples given in course are all text-based. I checked out the successful affiliate marketers blogs and Facebook posts and found they […]

3 Profitable Steps to Video Affiliate Marketing

Image via Wikipedia The new world of video affiliate marketing is evolving quickly and there are 3 tactics that will help affiliate marketers increase your sales and thrive in the affiliate marketing online. What are these three revolutionary strategies? 1. Use unique video niche sites to promote each separate product you are marketing. Don’t try […]


Welcome! This is not a new blog, but a continuation from my current Blogger.com blog at  http://adriansjournal.blogspot.com. I have decided to create a separate website for myself and registered a unique domain based on my first business name Adrian Video Image. As I progress in my career, I am gradually moving away from making videos […]