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The Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore

“Life is a university. Take notes. Today is a memory of tomorrow. Every moment is a story to tell.” ~ Adrian Lee | Singapore Hi, I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in computers, cars, cash, cooking and my children. How many C’s? In this personal blog, I journal my life’s lessons. […]

How Do I Make a Screenshot a JPG on Mac?

By default, all screenshots on the Mac are saved in PNG format. PNG files crisp and clear but are too huge for websites and blogs. There is a way to convert them to JPG formats with smaller file size. Just open the image, then export it as JPG. Is there a faster way? Can we just […]

MacBook Users – Upgrade Your MacOS to Mac OS Sierra

I don’t just talk to SIRI on my iPhone. I also talk to her on my MacBook Pro. On September 2016, Apple released the Mac OS Sierra. Being on the cautious side, I am installing it today, 2 November 2016. So, what’s new? Also known as Mac OS 10.12 Free upgrade Biggest new feature is […]

Converting Text File to Keynote Slides on Mac

Text to Keynote 2

Before a presentation, I would write notes in point form, then convert them to slides. It is easy to convert tabbed or bullet point texts to slides using Microsoft PowerPoint. However, with Keynote on a Mac, it works differently. I made this video to show how texts can be converted easily to Keynote Slides in seven […]