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Where to Bring the Kids in Singapore 

Universal Studios Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark Festive Hotel Resorts World Sentosa Splash @ Kidz Amaze (SAFRA Punggol) New Compass One (Sengkang MRT) KIDSfiesta Holiday Adventure | 5-11 September 2016 | 12pm – 9pm | Yew Tee Point

Father’s Day Cards My Kids Made

It’s Father’s Day and what can kids do or make for their dad? For me, an adorable paper mouse biting a piece of cheese. Lifting the cheese reveals the message behind it. What if you want to keep it simple? Then a meaningful drawing will do. I am a happy dad with lovely kids. Adrian […]

Where to Eat Out with the Kids? Swensens at Vivocity

The last item on the agenda for the kids’ holiday day out is a surprise dinner. An ice-cream treat at Swensens Vivocity. Of course the ice cream was served after dinner… Seafood platter and spaghetti. What a long day! Swim… http://adrianvideoimage.com/2012/06/where-to-bring-the-kids-to-play-in-singapore-swimming-at-jurong-safra/ Lunch… http://adrianvideoimage.com/2012/06/where-to-eat-out-with-the-kids-jacks-place-at-safra-jurong/ Play… http://adrianvideoimage.com/2012/06/where-to-bring-the-kids-in-singapore-kidz-amaze/ I am so tired that I can fall asleep anytime… […]

Where to Eat Out with the Kids? Jack’s Place at Safra Jurong

After swimming under the scorching noon sun and getting hungry, it’s time for lunch. Jack’s Place is it. Why? Again it’s kid-friendly. Students enjoy special price from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Remember to bring your student card. We ordered grilled chicken with cranberry sauce, fish and chips and crabstick and chicken baked rice. Really […]

Birthday Surprise from my Kids

Arrived home late at night and noticed from far a bright pink paper stuck on our front door. Thought it was another one of those many advertising flyers we get everyday. On closer look, I saw a handwritten message for me. So it was written by my kids telling me to go to my room […]