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Testing Almost DSLR iPhone App Inside My Car

Almost DSLR is an iPhone app that takes a picture almost like a DSLR camera.¬† “Almost” because the similarity lies only in the manual control of focus, exposure and white balance individually. The pictures you see in this post are all taken inside my car with the iPhone 4.¬† With camera quality setting at 720p, […]

iPhone Tiny Tower Game Status

80 floors and 155 residents. My iPhone Tiny Tower game strategy: 1. Fill every business unit with the maximum of 3 staff. 2. Spend towerbucks to fill every residential apartment with 5 residents. 3. Evict any resident whose dream job is fully taken up. 4. Build 3 residential apartments followed by 5 business units and […]

iPhone 4 Time Lapse Video Recording

Today I discovered one good news and one bad news about iPhone 4. The incident happened while filming time lapse effect on the road. Using the Breffo Spider Podium to secure my iPhone 4 on the dashboard, I drove my kids around town, while testing a new time lapse recording iPhone app, called “Miniatures“. “Miniatures” […]