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Testing a Mini Tripod Mount for the iPhone 4

This video was shot last Friday and edited yesterday.

The edit was done completely on the iPhone 4 with a cool app called Splice.

The collapsible mini Tripod Mount belong to my Photographer friend, Willie Yeo, who is also a mobile gadget freak.

He bought the device from a local store at Sim Lim Square and I cannot find it yet on the internet.

I borrowed his new device together with his iPhone 4 to shoot this video with my iPhone 4 after our BNI meeting.

The device itself is a stand-alone stand, yes “stand-alone stand”, with an adapter at the bottom to mount onto any standard tripod. In this video, we mounted it on a GorillaPod.

The fast forward effect and sound effect come from Splice.

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Adrian Lee

Unboxing iPhone Accessories and Review — Spider Podium

I give this gadget 5 stars out of 5!
Used it in my travel to Hokkaido.

Without it I wouldn’t have taken those impossible videos.
Self shots of me riding a fast snowmobile was fantastic!
Spectacular overboard shots from an ice-breaking cruise!

The iPhone fits securely into the Spider Podium.
The rubbery friction gave my iPhone a good grip.
I held it like a camcorder with its flexible legs.

I will show some more examples in future videos.
In the mean time, enjoy this twisted visual treat.

Adrian Lee

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iPhone Accessories Unboxing and Review -- Spider Podium

iPhone Accessories Unboxing and Review -- Spider Podium