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How to Get More Pinterest Followers in 7 Steps


I have plenty of pins from my web store. There are repins by followers but too few. So how do I get more Pinterest followers? Here is what I found out and worked for me.   Sign in to Pinterest Type in your topic Select Pinners tab Identify popular pinners Click on pinner Click on pinner’s followers Follow 100 […]

Ten Tips to Look Good on Camera

Remove flashy and noisy jewelry. If you are wearing glasses, be sure they are non-glare. Get rid of dark eye circles and bags by placing lights below your face and shoot upwards. If you have long hair, put it behind your shoulders. Get rid of any shine on your skin. Avoid loose flyaway hairs with […]

How to Be Popular on Instagram

Did you recently join Instagram, the iPhone social photo app? Do you want your photos to be featured on the “popular” page and get more followers? I became a member of Instagram yesterday after reading that it is a fast growing social community with over 10 million users within one year. Diving into my newly […]

How to Video Interview an Expert

Today I conducted my first formal expert interview in a STUDIO setup. I have done many video interviews before, but they were mostly on-the-run type, catching passers by and popping them questions. Doing a video interview sitting in front of an expert is entirely different from a field interview. Fortunately, the first expert being interviewed […]