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The One Traffic Source Better Than Google and Facebook

That statement got me distracted for 2 solid hours. Shiny object alert! This afternoon, I received an email from Stuart Walker that enticed me into reading and digesting this information. Here are my notes and thoughts… One traffic source better than Google, Facebook and Paid Ads. Why Better? You are in control. The rest can […]

How to Capture Website Screenshot with Google Chrome Extension 

Google Chrome Screenshot Extension

Do you take a lot of screenshots of online web pages? This Google Chrome extension does the job very well. It functions more than capture full or partial screen. You can draw, crop, highlight, smear, circle, arrow, etc. Save ion your computer or direct into the clipboard. If you browse with Google Chrome, install and try it. […]

Why Are Flats Called Flats

It all started with the thought that I am going to leave my FLATTED factory office to work from home in my HDB FLAT. Then I wondered why they use the word FLAT for the 2 types of buildings when they do not look one bit FLAT! As in squashed flat FLAT! I googled Google […]

How to Use YouTube Videos for Business on a Budget

In order to build business awareness and ultimate success, every company must have an online marketing campaign with individual goals for promoting their product or service. Some companies may be trying to promote brand awareness. Others may try to promote a particular product or drive sales to their retail store or website. YouTube can also […]