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Selling a 10 Year Old Scrap Car in Singapore

What to do with my 10-year-old car? Should I sell or scrap or renew my 10-year-old 1.6L Kia Spectra? A renewal was definitely out. COE was sky high! Close to S$100k for paper (February 2013)! What’s left was to sell or scrap, but… – Should I scrap the car myself or pay someone to do […]

Fixing HP Laptop Cooling Fan (902) Error

My backup HP laptop would not operate because of a “Cooling Fan (902) error”. So I did this to rectify the problem on a computer I have not used for half a year…. The idea of blowing into the ventilation outlet to loosen the fan was from a forum page which I did not record. […]

How to Change vTiger CRM PDF Layout Template

I am delighted to announce I have finally completed designing the perfect vTiger invoice template for my business. It is not about the good looks. It is about simplifying the original overloaded layout. vTiger is the web-based open source CRM software we use for generating invoices and keeping contact with clients. The latest version I […]