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No Sound from iOS 11 Screen Recording in Video Editing Apps

No Sound from iOS 11 Screen Recording in Video Editing Apps

A major iPhone issue that should not happen. The new iOS 11 introduced the screen recording feature. You can record the activities on the screen and save it as a video. You can choose to activate the microphone to record your voice at the same time. The screen recordings can be trimmed from the media […]

Best Free Video Editing Software | Day 15 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Choose to be better instead of bitter | Quote About Happiness

Why feel bitter when my recommendation don’t work? Why not offer an alternative and better solution? Choose to be better instead of bitter. 6.30am The search continues for a free 32-bit video editing software. In other words, find a free video editing software that works on older or lower spec computers. My recommendation with Davinci Resolve […]

List of Video Editing Apps for Android

Today, most of the smartphones have great camera and they can be used as a secondary camera to record videos and also to take photos. Once you have the video on your phone, you might want to add some effects and also share it with your friends. This is where video editing tools on Android… […]

Splice Relaunches iOS Video Editing Platform with New Features

Next to iMovie, the other proper video editing app for iPhone is Splice. Other video editing apps are too simplistic and do not come close to desktop versions. Splice is different and recently got even better after being acquired by a new owner. It’s free. Does not have watermarks. No limit to the length of […]