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New Amazon Drone Video with Updated Design

The new Amazon drone video published on Sunday 29 November 2015. It shows a family receiving a replacement football shoe via drone after their dog chews up the original. It has been 2 years since Amazon first showcased its drone delivery concept. ~money.cnn.com/2015/11/29/media/amazon-drone-video-prime-air/

Know Your Private Drone and Quadcopter Laws in USA

Drone Laws in United States

Drones are lightweight remote-controlled flying aircrafts with propellors. They are getting cheaper and hence more popular among hobby users. There may be 8000 private drones flying in USA by 2019 according to FAA. Imagine what would happen if there are no highway codes on the roads. Now Imagine what would happen if there are no […]

Real Angry Bird Attacks Flying Camera Drone

This viral video was posted on August 8 2015. Today, August 14 2015, it’s got 2.2 million views. Watch the real angry bird attack the drone.   TIP: Never fly a drone near birds of prey. Point to note: That’s Drone Law in the wild. Otherwise, there’re Drone Laws in the United States. “Do not […]

Underwater Camera Drone Technology is Here – the Seawolf

Ever wished your flying camera drone can go underwater? Here it is…   Camera drones are all the rage today, but what if you want to take your camera down into water instead of up into the air? That’s where the Seawolf comes in… Source: The Seawolf is to Water as Camera Drones Are to […]

$60 Remote Control #Quadcopter Camera #Drone

SYMA X5C-W 4CH 2.4G Quadcopter with Camera

It’s a toy. Aren’t all remote control aircarft toys? This one has a camera for videos and photos. Made in China. Very high rating on Amazon. 4 stars! Great for beginners and as a birthday present. Only $60. Check out the SYMA X5C-W 4CH 2.4G Camera Quadcopter. When you get one, please learn to fly it safely. […]