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Taking Control of My Time | Day 9 of 30-day Blogging Challenge

Today I woke up with many trivial questions in my head. How do I know if the decisions I make are correct? Connect with the collective unconscious. How to connect with the collective unconscious? Love yourself. Feel the hunch. Take things lightly.     How many YouTube Channels can I have? You can manage up to […]

$60 Remote Control #Quadcopter Camera #Drone

SYMA X5C-W 4CH 2.4G Quadcopter with Camera

It’s a toy. Aren’t all remote control aircarft toys? This one has a camera for videos and photos. Made in China. Very high rating on Amazon. 4 stars! Great for beginners and as a birthday present. Only $60. Check out the SYMA X5C-W 4CH 2.4G Camera Quadcopter. When you get one, please learn to fly it safely. […]