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The Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore

“Life is a university. Take notes. Today is a memory of tomorrow. Every moment is a story to tell.” ~ Adrian Lee | Singapore Hi, I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in computers, cars, cash, cooking and my children. How many C’s? In this personal blog, I journal my life’s lessons. […]

Ink Refill Hack for the Old Canon Printer

Don’t try this on your printer. I am just extending the life of this old clunker. – No need to buy new cartridge. Just re-use the original. – No need to drill holes. Just soak the pad with new ink. – No leaky messy job. Just see how I did it step by step. Watch […]

Canon 5D Mark 4

On August 2016, Cannon announced the  release of Canon 5D Mark IV. Canon 5D Mark IV – Video Specs review and [[my opinions]] S$5199 (body only – as at October 2016) 30.4-megapixel full frame sensor 60g lighter than Canon 5D Mark III [[60g isn’t much of a weight change!!??]] Shoots 4K video… internally [[this should have […]

Solving Canon Pixma Printer Error 5B00

Problem: Upon turning on my Canon PIXMA iP4870, the printer remained silent (no sound of the print head motor moving) while the POWER button light and the RESET button light blink alternately forever.  The computer screen shows “Printer Error 5B00”. Solving the problem: Found the first tip from this video, but it’s for iP2770… Followed the steps […]

New Canon Digital Camera Models 2015 Price – G9X, G5X, EOS M10

Canon PowerShot G9 X Digital Camera

The top 3 reasons for getting these new Canon cameras are (1) they take high quality pictures, (2) they are less bulky and (3) they are less expensive than high-end DSLRs. Canon Powershot G9 X – S$619 @CanonSG / US$449 @Amazon Canon Powershot G5 X – S$999 @CanonSG / US$799 @Amazon   Canon EOS M10 with Kit I […]

Canon 700D Movie Manual Exposure Setting

Cheat sheet: 1. Switch to Movie mode. 2. Switch to M Manual mode. 3. Set ISO to 200 for daylight outdoors or 800 for indoors. 4. Set shutter speed to 50 for 25fps frame rate or 60 for 30 FPS frame rate. 5. Adjust exposure while half-pressing shutter button to check exposure level.