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The Journal of Adrian Lee | Singapore

“Life is a university. Take notes. Today is a memory of tomorrow. Every moment is a story to tell.” ~ Adrian Lee | Singapore Hi, I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in computers, cars, cash, cooking and my children. How many C’s? In this personal blog, I journal my life’s lessons. […]

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8: Camera and Design

iPhone X vs Note 8

The iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: the Ultimate Battle of the Titans! How to choose one of the two gadgets that you would like to go for? The Smartphone business has been long dominated by the two tech giants of the industry, Apple and Samsung and this year is going to be […]

Xiaomi Mi A1 S$349 Dual Lens Camera Smartphone in Singapore

Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone with dual lens camera

Everything you need to know about the new S$349 Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone with dual lens camera. Powered by Google Android One. Available in Singapore from mid-October. When is the Release Date? Released 12 September 2017 in India Same launch date as the Apple iPhone 8 Available in Singapore from 14 October 2017 Which countries […]

Buying a Table Top Camera Dolly Slider from Qoo10

I need a camera slider for a product video shoot. I need the slider to be portable and affordable. The Edelkrone is perfectly mobile but expensive. I will get Edelkrone one day, but for now, I will settle with a table top dolly slider. http://wp.me/a3Hhx3-2QI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3yrEaNPZy8 Watch the unboxing here… http://adrianvideoimage.com/tabledolly/ Adrian Lee http://adrianvideoimage.com/computer-and-it-exhibitions-in-singapore/

How to Shoot Video with the Samsung NX500 Mirrorless Camera

How to Shoot Video with the Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera? Watch this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiK761NM_ys If you want to shoot good videos, don’t use automatic mode. Here’s how I use the NX500 to shoot video in manual mode. http://www.videolane.com/shooting-video-with-samsung-nx500-mirrorless-camera/ Feel free to ask a question. For more, please subscribe. Adrian Lee AdrianVideoImage.com PS: SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube […]