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Building an Online Business – August 17 2015 Report

Building an Online Business

This is my first public report, otherwise it’s been a private journal. It’s about the work I do every day to build a steady income online. The aim is to reach a level so as to quit my current service income. What did I do to build my online business? Created an IFTTT recipe to pin products from iPhone […]

Flying to Pattaya Thailand for Business

Everywhere on the web, Pattaya Thailand is reviewed as a sunny fun travel destination. However I will be flying there tomorrow for work… To shoot a 3-day training conference in a hotel. All my bags are nearly packed, but I am all ready to go. Though I have little time to enjoy the stay, the […]

Business Downsizing Pros and Cons

This is the day. The day I reverse my dream. The dream to create a big business. The big business dream was to have at least 10 staff busily serving clients for their videography and video production needs. I had only two staff. They seem rather busy everyday, yet there is not enough assignments coming […]