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What is HDR on iPhone Camera – 3 Shots Compared


What is HDR on iPhone Camera?

HDR is also known as HDRI – High Dynamic Range Imaging.

HDR is the ability to take a series of different exposures of the same scene and combining them
so all the image is properly exposed.

In this video, I compare 3 different scenes I have shot on the iPhone 4 with and without HDR on.

1. An outdoor scene with direct sun at the back of the silhouetted subject. HDR saved the picture.

2. An indoor scene under regular flourescent lamp. HDR made the subject look brighter.

3. A scene with a bright over exposed signboard. HDR evens out the whole image.

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Adrian Lee
What is HDR on iPhone Camera

Butterfly Video Clip – Feeding on Flower Nectar


This is one of the most amazing video I have ever shot with my iPhone 4.

An adult butterfly sipping nectar from a flower with its tongue, like a straw.

Watch how the tongue dips into the flower while it holds on to the petal.

Recorded, Edited and Uploaded with iPhone4

The video is a close-up without tripod and extra lens, just the iPhone in High Definition.

Butterfly Video Clip - Feeding on Flower Nectar