Space Clearing

While searching YouTube for “space ambient” music to play in the background while I work in my home office, I discovered people are also searching for “Space Clearing” music. Here’s one…

In the description, it says “Use this track to clear your clutter and negative energy and emotions from your mind, soul and spirit”.

The whole 14 minutes of audio was a calming experience for me.

So what is space clearing?

Space clearing is the feng shui art of clearing and revitalising energies in buildings. It’s as essential to the energetic maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

The term “space clearing” has passed into the English language as a generic term for all kinds of energy clearing techniques, but originally it was the name I coined to describe the ceremony I have pioneered and developed since 1978. – Karen Kensington

So, Karen Kensington coined the term “Space Clearing” from an Eastern tradition?


I know about clearing clutter, but space clearing goes deeper… energy level.

When I search “space clearing in Singapore”, again Karen’s website pops up saying “Sorry, there are no certified practitioners based in this part of the world at the moment.”

What she means is there are no professional practitioners in Singapore trained certified by her.

However, I know many Feng Shui masters in Singapore, some my friends, who can do energy clearing in homes.

I want to research further on how to do space clearing but in the meantime, let me get back to work.

What do you know about space clearing?

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