Signing Up for Amazon UK Affiliate Program

For years, I have been making trickle of dollars from Amazon affiliate program.

Recently, sales picked up, especially in the cameras and accessories items.

From my website statistics, I can see visitors coming from all over the world.

However, I suspect sales were mostly done with the US visitors, and not the rest.

That is because I know there is an Amazon UK, an Amazon Japan and Amazon China.

Amazon UK and Amazon US are two separate companies  

I also know they are not linked with each other, and UK visitors will buy from UK.

That means I am losing sales with my international website that only sells to US.

So today I signed up as an Amazon UK affililiate, which took me less than 5 minutes.

Just go to and fill up a list of questionnaires.

One pre-requisite thing to have is an existing website or blog and to specify your sales method.

The last thing to do in the Amazon UK sign up process  

The second last thing is to sign up automatically for Amazon Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

So now I cover the whole of Europe within that five minutes of sign up process.  YAY!

The final thing to do is to specify the payment method, which was a disappointment to me.

There is no PayPal option, and Singapore is not listed in the option of direct bank transfer.

The only way to get my money is via the traditional method, a cheque mailed to my address.

The money I receive will be in Pounds, and that’s ok, coz that is still earnings from my blog.

Signing up for Amazon UK Affiliate Program

How to convert existing Amazon links to UK links?

Back to my website with all the Amazon US links… should I create new links to the UK?

That will be a tedious job for one hundred over links… is there an automated way?

Indeed there is… and I will blog my findings in the next post, after implementation.

Adrian Lee

PS:  I did’nt know which EU country I signed up for until I looked up  .de, .fr, .es and .it with .

PPS: After implementing the automatic country redirect, I will conquer Japan, Canada and China.

PPPS: Let me know your thoughts or anything I should know that I missed out.


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