Run 3km in 25mins Without Running Out of Breath

How to run longer without running out of breath?
Today I used these 3 techniques to run 3 kilometers in 25 minutes.
Not very fast but at least I kept my breath at near normal rate.

  1. Start slow end fast. Started about 8″50′ per km until the 2.5 km mark where I sped up to about 6″50′ per km.
  2. Look at a distant tree. Stared at the furthest tree I could see. Kept looking at a bunch of leaves until I ran past it. Then looked at the next furthest tree. Of course I looked down at the road once in a while to be safe.
  3. Think happy thoughts. I couldn’t keep my mind off my business, so I thought about plans and strategies that will bring it to the next level and what I stand to gain.


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Nike+ App

Happy running!
Adrian Lee

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