Photography Course for Beginners in Singapore


I have been often asked to teach a Photography class in Singapore.

I turn down the requests because I am more of a Videography expert.


So here are places where you can sign up for photography lessons.

Photography Courses in Singapore for beginners

  1. John Arifin 2-day Basic Photography 101 Workshop: Live class. S$350. 2 days. John Arifin is a Singapore based photographer and educator, having first taught a photo class in 1987.
  2. SOP Essential Foundation Photography Course: Live Class. S$590. 8 x 2-hour sessions. Focuses on the person behind the camera and not just about the camera.
  3. PSS Digital Basic Photography Course Foundation Module: Live Class. S$240. 3 weeks. 2 hours/ session and1 outing on the weekend. PSS is the Photographic Society of Singapore which caters to the interests of photographers in the region.
  4. Phocus Practical Photography for Busy People: Live class. S$320. 4 sessions, 2 hours each. Unique in keeping theory to the minimum and doing more real photography.
  5. Baobab Photo Beginners Photography Course: Live Class. S$570. 4 x 3-hour lessons. Unique in hands-on individual attention in a small class size.
  6. Pictorial Beginner’s Standard Photography Course: Live Class. S$250. 12 hours. 1 theory session and 3 outdoor sessions. Unique in mastering the camera instead of using software to enhance photos.
  7. Photography Institute Professional Photography Course: Online Class. S$1099. At your own Pace. Unique in providing tutoring with a live teacher online and homework assessments as well as a diploma after the course.

Do you teach photography for beginners? Do you know someone who does? Leave a link to the course in the comment box below, so I may add to the above list.

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