Perfection and Perseverance: What They Are, What They Do and Side Effects

Last night, I worked till 4am. 

Dozed off at one point, because I had to get this one thing done.

This one thing started in the morning. 

This one thing I have neve done before. 

This one thing I promised someone I’ll do. 

All my current tools cannot do it. So I spent US$100 to buy a new tool. 

It’s a new tool so I had to spend several hours to learn it.

After many trial and error, I still cannot get it done. 

I thought. Let’s give up. Let’s tell him I cannot do it. 

But the stubborn nature in me says,!anything is possible if you try harder and longer. 

The logical brain says. It’s only a $50 job. 

It’s a $50 dollar job I got from Fiverr. (Yes you can earn more than $5 from Fiverr.)

It’s Wednesday afternoon now. And it’s still not done. And the delivery is today. 

Think Adrian think. Having perseverance and being a perfectionist won’t feed your family. 

This is what I am going to do next…

(Have you ever wished you were not doing what you are doing right now? And You want out?)

I am going to take a break and divert my attention to Something more profitable and productive.

See my yesterday’s post on how I used one technique from to get pouring responses from an ad. 

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