Is Singletasking the New Multitasking?

“Result is the sum total of consecutive tiny tasks.” – Adrian Lee In the past one week, I took breaks from work by building my SimCity. From this game, I discovered 3 important lessons applicable to real life. 1. To achieve the desired result, focus on it one task at a time. Things get done […]

What is EdgeRank on Facebook? Is it Outdated?

What is EdgeRank on Facebook? Is it Outdated? Everything you do on Facebook is called an “Edge” (post, update, link, image, video, changes, apps, everything) But if everybody was notified of all the “edges” of all the people and page they follow, it would be cluttered-up chaos So Facebook use “EdgeRank” to determine what gets displayed […]

How to Write an Affiliate Request Note

How to get JV approval in Warrior Plus and JVzoo as a newbie in internet marketing? Write these in the Request Notes section as taught by Ben Martin in his Commission Resurrection course. Hey, just found your offer and it looks really great. I would love to promote this. I’m new to affiliate marketing. However, […]

How to Create Call Out Titles on After Effects

Today, I am working on editing a client’s Indiegogo video. Learned many things along the way as I  create extra effects here and there. How to Create Call Out Titles – Advanced After Effects Tutorial. Here’s my application… How to Duplicate Compositions in After Effects Correctly. Needed a character that looks like a 90-degree bracket. […]