Rock Balancing in Singapore

Adrian Lee the rock balancing artist in Singapore

Rock Balancing. I first did it for relaxation and meditation. Then I discovered it’s also a form of art – sculpture. Some do it as a public performance, like Rocky Byun. I treat it as a game, life’s mini challenge. 6 July 2016: My first big rock (it’s actually concrete) 😆 Who inspired me? No, […]

Thoughts with Emotion Create Reality

“Thoughts with strong emotions create reality. I tried it. It works.” – Adrian Lee Now here’s the formula. Thought + Emotion = Feeling The feeling then creates a vibration Add Action and you get Results Other ways of saying it. Train your Thoughts and emotion to become one, then ask the mountain to move. Think […]

Is this the “Second” Fall of Singapore?

I never express my views about politics in public before, but this saga pierced deep into my heart as a proud Singaporean. Ever since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, I have this intuitive idea that Singapore will never be the same anymore. Singapore will no longer be the shining star in the world without Lee […]

Is Singletasking the New Multitasking?

“Result is the sum total of consecutive tiny tasks.” – Adrian Lee In the past one week, I took breaks from work by building my SimCity. From this game, I discovered 3 important lessons applicable to real life. 1. To achieve the desired result, focus on it one task at a time. Things get done […]