No Sound from iOS 11 Screen Recording in Video Editing Apps

A major iPhone issue that should not happen.

The new iOS 11 introduced the screen recording feature.

You can record the activities on the screen and save it as a video.

You can choose to activate the microphone to record your voice at the same time.

The screen recordings can be trimmed from the media gallery.


No Sound from iOS 11 Screen Recording in Video Editing Apps

When imported into video editing apps like iMovie, the clips become silent.

Same thing when I imported them into VivaVideo, VideoPad, and Splice.

Update 6 October 2017: My iPhone is updated to iOS 11.0.2.

Still no luck.

Is Apple trying to cripple the full capability of Screen Recording?

I believe so. That’s why this feature wasn’t around for years when most Android phones have it.

I know they are trying to protect their profit-generating movies and music in the app store from being easily copied.

Indeed, I could record music and videos playing from the iPhone using the screen recording feature.

So, probably Apple is thinking… yes, we listened to you, you can now record the screen, but you can’t go further.

So what’s the solution?

Hmmm… Note 8.

A rare rant.

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