NDP 2015 Aerial Display and Fireworks View from The Float

YES!  I was at The Float on 9 August 2015, National Day.

Seated around the right side of the stage near the back.

Recorded the video with my Sony HXR-MC50 camcorder.

Edited the 3-minute highlight with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

I was not the camera crew, but a spectator with my colleagues.

At first I thought it will be a disappointment being at The Float.

The actual parade was happening at The Padang and out of sight!

It turned out we had a better view of the two main attractions.

We could see the full path of the Aerial Display as they fly past.

The fireworks were also in full view, including the lower shots.

All in all, my foreign colleagues enjoyed the show very much.

In this video, I hope to capture the celebratory mood of the people.


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