How to Get More Pinterest Followers in 7 Steps

I have plenty of pins from my web store.

There are repins by followers but too few.

So how do I get more Pinterest followers?

Here is what I found out and worked for me.



  1. Sign in to Pinterest
  2. Type in your topic
  3. Select Pinners tab
  4. Identify popular pinners
  5. Click on pinner
  6. Click on pinner’s followers
  7. Follow 100 pinner’s followers

Then wait for them to follow back. 10% will follow back.
(update: actually about 20%… Should I start keeping track?)

Do this everyday for 100 days to get 1000 followers.

Do you have a strategy to get more Pinterest followers?

Updated August 17, 2015…

Pinterest Followers Aug 17 201526 August 2015. 402 followers. 519 following. Carry on.

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