Conducting M1 Fibre Broadband Speed Test

9 July 2016

Used speedtest app on iPhone to check the speed coming from the wireless router.








Puzzled why speed is still the same as the previous contract of 200mbps. Isn’t it supposed to be 1Gbps now?


7 JULY 2016

At night, many websites were not accessible thru the broadband. Even Twitter was not accessible. However, Google and Facebook were ok.

Tried accessing via my phone 4g and confirmed the sites were accessible.

So maybe there are some technical switching over going on.

Luckily I had no important conference call to make that night.

7 JULY 2016

Recontracted M1 home fibre broadband to 1GB at S$39/month for another 2 years.


UPDATE – 29 December 2015: Using on a Windows 10 Laptop (Lenovo Helix)…

M1 200Mbps Fibre Speed Test - 29 Dec 2015 - Punggol

M1 200Mbps (S$39/month – now S$29) Fibre Broadband Speed Test – 29 December 2015 – Punggol Singapore


PREVIOUSLY – 2 August 2012:

Wow! Look at the upload speed!

That’s exactly what I need for sending videos to clients quickly.

Today our home is installed with the new M1’s fibre broadband.

The installation took less than 15 minutes.


Plug the yellow optic cable into the Open Net Box.


Power up the new fibre modem.

Then connect your laptop to test the speed with SpeedTest.

Next I must get a wifi router that is an N series or supports at least 300Mbps.

Check out 300Mbps Wifi routers


Adrian Lee

My office broadband is now 10 times slower. Maybe I will start working from home.

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