Is Text Marketing Better Than Video Marketing

Do videos and images really help your business grow?

For the past two days, I’ve been attending an online affiliate marketing course.

Completed the lessons this morning. Yayy! Excited to start!


The examples given in course are all text-based.

I checked out the successful affiliate marketers blogs and Facebook posts and found they are all text.

No videos. No images.

Yes, they are good copywriters.

And their messages make people click on affiliate links.

Here’s the thing…

Look at all the viral Facebook videos and all the viral images.

Friends pass to you and in turn, you share with others, because you like what you saw.

BUT. Did you click on any link that the video or image is trying to promote?

If you have ever tested this to market products, please let me know the result.

Does video really help?

Adrian Lee
PS: This is a rare post where I did not include any image.


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