iPhone 4 Time Lapse Video Recording

Today I discovered one good news and one bad news about iPhone 4.

The incident happened while filming time lapse effect on the road.

Using the Breffo Spider Podium to secure my iPhone 4 on the dashboard, I drove my kids around town, while testing a new time lapse recording iPhone app, called “Miniatures“.


Miniatures” is a slick iPhone app for recording not only time lapse but also tilt-shift effect at the same time to visually transform reality into tiny toys.


Under settings, you can vary the time lapse shooting interval from 0.5 seconds to 1 minute. The traffic scene in the video I shot was set at 1 second interval.

You can also vary the colour and blur intensity for the tilt-shift effect. Tilt shift effect will be more obvious when shooting at bird’s eye view instead of eye level.


The paid version of “Miniatures” allows you to shoot in high definition and save videos. The updated version appears to be sluggish in HD mode though.

This video is shot in standard mode, because the laggy processing time in HD mode is delaying the time lapse intervals.

I had no intention of putting up the video on YouTube, as with all my other test videos, but some people liked what I shot, so I did.

By the way, there is no audio while recording time lapse, so I added music with iMovie.

Here is the video. Enjoy!


Adrian Lee

PS: The bad news is… a “TEMPERATURE” warning flashed and stopped the recording on the highway. The sunshine in Singapore is really super hot and can burn the dashboard even while the air-conditioning is turned on.

PPS: The good news is now I know my iPhone is intelligent enough to save itself from any danger. (on the contrary, it survived minus 6 degrees and the harsh beating of snow in Hokkaido without any temperature warning)

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