How to Stop the Habit of Procrastination with Procraster App

Procraster App Review

Procraster App Review

Every start of a new year makes me think of the things I should have done last year.

Then I will list the things to do again and find a way to push myself to take action.

I tried many productivity methods and software, but still end up procrastinating.

The methods work for a short while, then life overtakes and overwhelms you.

This year (2016), I found an app that has been working well so far (3 weeks).

It’s an iPhone app called Procraster. Their slogan: “Stop running. Start Doing”.

It has got practical features but ONE stood out that I have not seen in other apps.

It helps you to decide what to do right now after typing in all my projects and tasks.

We procrastinate or never get started because everything on the list is important.

Procraster will look through your long list and decide for you based on an algorithm.

Procraster is more than a hybrid of Getting Things Done and Pomodoro Technique.

Check back with me a few months down the road to see if I am still at it.  :)

20 February 2016 Update: Stopped using Procraster. Switched back to Google calendar. Why? Works on iPhone, Mac and PC.  Thanks Procraster for the lessons on preventing procrastination.

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