How to Reply to Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook – 5 Ways

Yesterday was my birthday and like everyone else, I received a lot of birthday wishes on my Facebook Wall. I used to reply to each message individually and wondered if I should do the same this year. So I researched to find out how other people do it and this is what I discovered.

Here are 5 ways to reply to happy birthday wishes on Facebook.

  1. Go to every birthday post on your wall and comment with a “Thanks!”.
  2. Go to every birthday post and respond to the specifics of the message.
  3. “Like” every birthday post. This way people will know you saw the message.
  4. Status update with “thanks for all the great birthday wishes yesterday!”
  5. Post a reply directly on their wall instead of on your wall.

You get hundreds of birthday wishes on Facebook. Thanking them individually is good etiquette and earns you popularity. If you do not have time, one general status update will do. Finally, there is also an automated way to say thank you using a Facebook app, (please don’t use this on me, thank you).

Leave a comment below with your preferred way of replying to a birthday message on Facebook.



Adrian Lee

PS: Even Google wished me Happy Birthday…

Google Birthday Wish

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