How to Make a Lot of Money Working for Yourself

This article from stirred my thoughts and emotion.

The advice is something I’ve known but have not taken any action.

Here’s what I am doing and doing wrong…

Truth is, going through life as a solopreneur with a website and an ebook writing content for clicks, doing services for beans, or faking it until you make it is a pretty lousy way to go through life. Frankly, it’s sad, especially if you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you as so many of you do. –

Here’s what I must be working for…

…if you really have your heart set on being an entrepreneur at this point in your life, then here’s what you’ve got to do. Find something you love doing, work your tail off getting really good at it, and develop and market a product or service that customers really want. –

Now for my action plan. The top 3 priorities are…

  1. Stop providing one-on-one services (the videography ones)
  2. Become good at what I love doing (digital technology based)
  3. Develop and sell what I learnt (via online courses)

What’s your way of making a lot of money working for yourself?

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