How to Create a Facebook Greeting Card in 5 Minutes with iPhone


Today is my sis’s birthday and instead of just greeting her by text on Facebook, I decided to create something special.

I was waiting for a seminar to start at the Republic Polytechnic (I was there to video record the seminar), when I came up with this idea.

1. I looked for an interesting scene around me.
2. Took a photo of the scene with my iPhone camera.
3. Added “Happy Birthday…” texts to the photo with Doodle Buddy app.
4. Rotated the photo to landscape mode with Express Photoshop app.
5. Posted the edited image to my sis’s Facebook profile with mobile Facebook app.

All that in just five minutes while waiting. I felt so productive.

Adrian Lee

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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in technology and travel. In this personal blog, I journal my experience. Enjoy!

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