HostGator Includes Free Basic Malware Scan by SiteLock

Website security is not an option. Protect it or lose it.

1 November 2017, HostGator notified me that it will be including a basic malware scan by Sitelock as part of my web hosting package, free of charge.

Hostgator Sitelock Free Basic Malware Scan

This is a very welcome move by a web hosting company.

It is a big deal as I was bitten once by another web hosting company when it held my data hostage while forcing me to pay hundreds of dollars for the security feature.

What Does the Basic Malware Scan Do?

The free scan occurs once a day to identify malware on your website and emails you when something malicious is detected.

Taking action early prevents your site from being blacklisted by search engines.

The free scan does not include the following paid features.

  • Access to the SiteLock dashboard
  • Site vulnerability scanning
  • Reputation management
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Automatic malware removal

Hostgator Sitelock Pricing and Plans

Before this implementation, the daily malware scan is available only when you pay for Sitelock security.

As at 1 November 2017, the pricing for a Sitelock plan starts from $1.94 per month to $38.75 per month for full protection.

Hostgator Sitelock Plans and Pricing


There are steps to take when your account is hacked, but the question is…

Will HostGator hold my data hostage when malware is detected until I pay up for a security plan? I don’t know. It hasn’t happened.

The possibility is there and it costs $200.

Hostgator Sitelock 911 Emergency Malware Cleanup

Have you experienced it? Feel free to share your thoughts.

~ from the journal of Adrian Lee, Singapore

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