Green Screen Live Video Record – iPhone App Review

Watch what happens when I activate the Green Screen Live Video Record app.

The name says it all. Green Screen Live Video Record by Yohann Taieb.

Green Screen or Chroma Keying is a technique that allows you place people anywhere in the world or out of this world.

Blockbuster movies use it all the time. Now you can do it on your iPhone too.

Best of all, the recording is done live, No post editing required.

The First Look

Let me show you what I went through after installing the app.

The Final Result

Not bad. I just need a little more light at where you can see the shadow of my hands.


The Original Background

This is the real background before the crows come in.  

Over to You

The final video recording is only 640×480 pixel resolution.

If you want full HD, you have to purchase the app at $1.99 per month or pay $49.99 one-time.

Will you spend the money to use this Green Screen Live Record iPhone app?


Here’s a free alternative Live Green Screen Recording software for desktops and laptops.


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