Google Photos Backup Video File Size Limitation

Received this message… Google Photos Backup couldn’t back up these files.Google Photos cannot backup.jpg

Clicked on Learn more and was taken to

It says…

If a photo or video didn’t back up, it might be because:

  • Item size: Photos larger than 75MB or 100MP, videos larger than 2GB, and items smaller than 256 x 256 can’t be backed up.
  • Slow network connection: Your computer might have a slow or no network connection.
  • Unsupported file typeSee which file types can be backed up.

Checked file size…

Google Photos Backup Limit.jpg

The MP4 video files are less than 2GB. So what happened? Slow network?

Switched my wifi network to another.

Clicked on Try again…

Yes, now it works.

Anyway… NOTE:

“Videos larger than 2GB can’t be backed up.”

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