Finding Time to Write a Blog Post


Shoot, edit and upload. That’s what I was busy doing back to back last two weeks.

No time to stop and journal. There WAS time to think… Just no time to write.

Somehow my life is committed to doing work for other people very well.

I am not complaining. That’s where my money comes from.

The question is… what about my own work… my own production… content I own the rights to… products that generate income perpetually.

All I need is time… and quick ways of getting things done.

Like now… lunch time in Shenton Way… clients are out for lunch and I have 2 solid hours to kill.

What did I do in that 2 hours? Had lunch, caught up with sleep and wrote this blog on my iPhone 4 with WordPress app.

What can be done better next time?

Since work is compulsory, then let’s explore ways to blend what I want to do myself with what I am doing for others.

Adrian Lee

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I am Adrian Lee from Sunny Singapore. My passions are in technology and travel. In this personal blog, I journal my experience. Enjoy!

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