Downloading and Installing Windows 10 Free Upgrade

I was preparing my Lenovo Helix for tomorrow’s assignment when this happened.

A message from the task bar popped up to tell me to reserve a free Windows 10 upgrade.

Made a few clicks. Entered my email. Then I was informed to look out for my turn to upgrade.

Back to preparing my work for a few minutes, a message says Windows 10 is loading.

Hooray! It took about to one hour to download and install. The screen shut off and on a few times.

During that time I never left the computer. Brought it with me to cut my nails and to the shower.

After installation, I took another one hour to familiarize with the new user interface. Totally new.

I had to figure out where all my usual button went. Lots of trial and error without reading the manual.

Finally, I am comfortable to use Windows 10 in front front of clients tomorrow morning.

What I liked about Windows 10 in this short encounter?

  1. The split screen feature is my favorite Now you can view four windows in flexible sizes instead of two.
  2. You can switch on and off tablet mode. Tablet mode is the windows 8 that I am familiar with.
  3. It looks like I can connect with my iPhone and do some file syncing. Will try this out later.

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