DIY Automatic Drip Feeder for Plants and Fish

Leaving for an 8-day trip to Australia tonight.

What about the fish and plants and home?

Out of necessity, I created the “Drip Feeder”.

This drip feeder waters 3 pots from one bottle.

DIY Drip Feed for Plants

Twines are used to distribute the water.

DIY Drip Feeder for Plants

You can literally see the drip on the twine.

DIY Drip Feeder for Plants

As for the fish, they have to do some work.

DIY Drip Feeder for Fish

They need to push the stick to get their food.

DIY Drip Feeder for Fish

All set! We can leave home and enjoy our holiday.

UPDATE 18 December 2015: We returned home 8 days later. The fish is as fat as before, though there is a lot of food left in the dispenser.  The plants are green, but slightly shriveled, and the bottle is totally dry to the bottom.


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