How to Copy Multiple File Names from a Folder as Text in Windows

I wanted to type out a list file names as a content reference to a disk.

Instead of typing, the fastest way is to copy and paste the file names.

The trouble is, it took time to copy each of the file name one at a time.

Is there a faster way to do it without coding or using an dedicated app?

Here’s how I hacked the system using available software I can access.

There is NO NEED to use the primitive DOS Command Prompt codes.

Copying multiple file names from a folder as text on a Windows PC

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Open Google Chrome
  3. Drag the folder from File Explorer into Google Chrome URL box
    • The list of files in the folder will appear in Chrome, including the Size and Date.
  4. Highlight the list of file names you want to copy
    • It will include the Size and Date which we will remove in the next step.
  5. Copy the highlighted text
  6. Open Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  7. Paste the copied text into the first cell
  8. Select the column with the names only
    • Typically click on label A to highlight the first column
  9. Copy the selected column
  10. Paste the copied items into NotePad, Word, or whatever you are using to type.

That’s 10 quick steps to copy filenames from a folder as text in Windows.

No need to remember any codes. Just do what you always do on your PC.

Do you know an easier to copy file names?

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