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  1. Hi Adrian,
    Hope you are well.
    I am fascinated by your rock balancing feats. May I know if you would consider doing/teaching this (balancing 3 rocks one atop another) to a group of 70-80pax as part of an interactive activity at a media launch event for one of my clients?

  2. Hi Adrian,

    I follow you on Twitter and thought I’d reach out and contact you here.

    I build smartphone apps for video creators and bloggers to create video faster and wanted to invite you to try one called Contenter that lets you create branded videos specifically designed for getting more views on social media.

    Some of the features include automated text and effects based on thousands of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads from the biggest publishers. You can also easily search for stock images and music tracks pre-licensed and ready for commercial use.

    Try it out free here:

    All the best,

  3. Hello Adrian. I am looking for iphone6splus 64gb. Second hand but hopefully in gb condition. Need at least Ard 10 per week, pls get me the best possible deal..if the price is really right. It will be for the long run, GOD WILLING..PLS reply to me if you can.All cash bro. No worries. Thank you Adrian. ..

  4. Hello sir, i’ve been watching your video for the V6 Camera. also i’ve bought i, just to check with you why does my V60 camera look so blurry compared to your 4k quality?

    fyi i’ve also changed the settings to 4k already.

    Thanks in advance !

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