How to Change vTiger CRM PDF Layout Template

I am delighted to announce I have finally completed designing the perfect vTiger invoice template for my business. It is not about the good looks. It is about simplifying the original overloaded layout.

vTiger is the web-based open source CRM software we use for generating invoices and keeping contact with clients. The latest version I discovered come with a powerful project management feature complete with tasks, milestones and Gantt charts.

Another new feature is the free third party module that made changing invoice PDF template so easy. In the past, I had to go into the program codes to make changes.


If you are a vTiger CRM user like me who did not know that the wonderful free PDF Maker existed, then this is how to get and install it.

  1. Go to
  2. Download “”.
  3. Go to your vTiger > Settings > Module Manager > Custom Module > Import New.
  4. Select the .zip package of the PDF Maker, accept agreement licence and installation starts automatically.
  5. Click Finish when done installing.
  6. Go to vTiger main menu “Tools” and click on PDF Maker.
  7. A one-time Message will pop up: “In order to generate pdf files it’s necessary to download and install mPDF script.”
  8. Click on Download button to download and install the mPDF script.
  9. Yet another request before completion. Recalculate sharing access.
  10. Then FINALLY go back to vTiger main menu “Tools”, click on PDF Maker and start tweaking your PDF invoice template layout to your heart’s content.

Share your vTiger moments in the comment box below.

Adrian Lee

PS: ADDED on 8 June 2013.
To generate the PDF:
1. CREATE the invoice first.
2. Go to the invoice page.
3. Look on the right side.
4. Find a menu under “PDFMaker”.
5. Click on ‘Export to PDF’.

See image below…

Update:  26 August 2015

It’s nearly four years since I wrote this post.  Today I am still happily using vTiger and PDF Maker! vTiger is many versions away from my copy now, but it still works smoothly.

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      1. Clarification – the LINK worked for me. It did NOT install into the proper folder though – it put the files all in the ‘resources’ folder instead of creating an “mpdf” folder then putting the files there. I manually moved them.

        I have not yet been able to actually export a PDF yet. It follows the link but there’s no visible output. Not sure yet what’s wrong… but we really need this capability so I’ll have to debug it further…

  1. This installation is so on point. Thank you!! I’ve been struggling with Quote Layout and Template for 4 months!! Hopefully my problem has been sorted out…..

  2. I was about to leave vTiger and go looking for an other one since i was unable to custumize invoice template witch is only available with the ondemand version .. when i find your article, this change all for me, thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi mihau87,

      I don’t know if I can help you, but I updated a new ‘PS’ in the post above to illustrate the answer. Hope it helps!

      Adrian Lee

  3. I have installed pdf maker for vtiger 5.3 and 5.4 on different machines. But when I tried to insert company logo in the quote module, it doesn’t appear in the quotes pdf.

    Any pointers?

  4. Hi, thx for the wonderful guide.

    I had a great time modifying the pdf templates.
    But when i want to export pdf,
    it shows this error:
    Error – mPDF requires mb_string functions. Ensure that PHP is compiled with php_mbstring.dll enabled.

    I’ve modified the php.ini file in vtiger and uncommented extension php_mbstring.dll
    but the error is still there.

    Any help or pointers that i should look for?

    1. @Jason. I found a solution from here…

      PDF maker uses MPDF as PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML. MPDF requires the mb_string module to be enabled (see which means that PHP>=4.3.0 will be required as a minimum, and PHP 4.3.0 to 4.3.3 need –enable-mbstring=all. For Windows users: Enable the extension(s) in php.ini you want to use by uncommenting the extension=php_*.dll lines in php.ini. This is done by deleting the leading ; from the extension you want to load and restart Apache.

      // change the following line from …
      // … to

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