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How to Convert Your Website from HTTP to HTTPS

HTTPS Secure Connection

Is HTTPS required for your website? Is Google search going to lower the ranking of those without? HTTPS is a website security feature that protects the visitor’s privacy. Without HTTPS, Google Chrome browser marks your site as “not secure”. So, start scrambling now and get that HTTPS for your website. Converting HTTP to HTTPS Today, […]

Move WordPress Comment Box to the Top

By default, in most WordPress themes, the comment box appears below the list of comments. Here’s how to move it to the top, above the list of comments. Insert this CSS code into your theme’s custom CSS. div#comments { position: relative; padding-top: 350px; } div#respond { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; } Let […]

How to Embed Instagram Video on WordPress

Embed Instagram on Wordpress

How to embed an Instagram video on a WordPress blog post? According to: … Go to your laptop or desktop computer. Not on mobile. From an internet browser, go to Add the username like Browse through clips to find the thumbnail of the video. Click on the video and copy the URL in the address bar. Go to WordPress and paste the URL […]

Tags Disappeared from My WordPress Blog

I was updating an ecommerce blog when I noticed something bad. The tags for every post were suddenly missing! Simply disappeared! I suspected a few possibilities but turned to google for quick help. Here is what I did to restore the the missing WordPress blog tags. This is a bunch of chronicled journal. Skip to the end for […]