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Singapore Stock Footage: Marina Bay Sands to ArtScience Museum

Filmed while cruising on a River Taxi in Marina Bay Singapore, the evening sunset was captured reflecting off one of Marina Bay Sands tower.

Like a tracking shot, the ArtScience Museum slowly revealed itself.

The stability is attributed to calm waters and active optical stabilization of the Sony HXR-MC50 Camcorder…

…mounted on a Joby GP3 Gorillapod…

Edited with Sony Vegas Pro…

Music from…

Sailing Past Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum Singapore…

Adrian Lee

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Su Lee’s Showcase at BNI Rendezvous Singapore

Last Week at Rendezvous, a business showcase by Personal Wellness Coach, Su Lee, of

Want to know what Su Lee shared? Click here…
Look good feel great always!

Adrian Lee

iPhone 4 Time Lapse Video Recording

Today I discovered one good news and one bad news about iPhone 4.

The incident happened while filming time lapse effect on the road.

Using the Breffo Spider Podium to secure my iPhone 4 on the dashboard, I drove my kids around town, while testing a new time lapse recording iPhone app, called “Miniatures“.


Miniatures” is a slick iPhone app for recording not only time lapse but also tilt-shift effect at the same time to visually transform reality into tiny toys.


Under settings, you can vary the time lapse shooting interval from 0.5 seconds to 1 minute. The traffic scene in the video I shot was set at 1 second interval.

You can also vary the colour and blur intensity for the tilt-shift effect. Tilt shift effect will be more obvious when shooting at bird’s eye view instead of eye level.


The paid version of “Miniatures” allows you to shoot in high definition and save videos. The updated version appears to be sluggish in HD mode though.

This video is shot in standard mode, because the laggy processing time in HD mode is delaying the time lapse intervals.

I had no intention of putting up the video on YouTube, as with all my other test videos, but some people liked what I shot, so I did.

By the way, there is no audio while recording time lapse, so I added music with iMovie.

Here is the video. Enjoy!


Adrian Lee

PS: The bad news is… a “TEMPERATURE” warning flashed and stopped the recording on the highway. The sunshine in Singapore is really super hot and can burn the dashboard even while the air-conditioning is turned on.

PPS: The good news is now I know my iPhone is intelligent enough to save itself from any danger. (on the contrary, it survived minus 6 degrees and the harsh beating of snow in Hokkaido without any temperature warning)

Testing a Mini Tripod Mount for the iPhone 4

This video was shot last Friday and edited yesterday.

The edit was done completely on the iPhone 4 with a cool app called Splice.

The collapsible mini Tripod Mount belong to my Photographer friend, Willie Yeo, who is also a mobile gadget freak.

He bought the device from a local store at Sim Lim Square and I cannot find it yet on the internet.

I borrowed his new device together with his iPhone 4 to shoot this video with my iPhone 4 after our BNI meeting.

The device itself is a stand-alone stand, yes “stand-alone stand”, with an adapter at the bottom to mount onto any standard tripod. In this video, we mounted it on a GorillaPod.

The fast forward effect and sound effect come from Splice.

Enjoy… and subscribe!


Adrian Lee

Online Video Marketing Using the iPhone 4

Online Video Marketing Using the iPhone 4

The experiment is officially over.

I have found the fastest and easiest method to produce a high quality online marketing video.

As a seasoned videographer myself, I’d like to admit that I hate the traditional time-sucking video editing process.

As a Videography trainer teaching small business owners how to get themselves onto YouTube, I see 3 major challenges they face…

. Handling the video camcorder.
. Wasting time on video editing.
. Connecting online to YouTube.

Many Internet marketing gurus out there recommend the flipcam and windows moviemaker for easy video production.

I can safely say that anyone can now produce high quality YouTube videos without any of the traditional video production tools… and by high quality I mean a steadily shot video… intentionally and completely edited with text, music and sound effects.

Here is all you need to carry around in your next web video production…
. An iPhone 4.
. The new iMovie app for iPhone.
. The built in YouTube uploader.

The iPad 2 will work too, but I can’t shove that into my pocket. I am a hands free type of person. I’ll get the iPad 2 for my wife… Her handbag is big enough.

This video is entirely shot, edited and uploaded with the iPhone 4.

I will continue to experiment and blog about making an even better quality iPhone video… So if you are interested in online video marketing the easiest the quickest way, subscribe to my YouTube video blog at

Adrian Lee

Unboxing iPhone Accessories and Review — Spider Podium

I give this gadget 5 stars out of 5!
Used it in my travel to Hokkaido.

Without it I wouldn’t have taken those impossible videos.
Self shots of me riding a fast snowmobile was fantastic!
Spectacular overboard shots from an ice-breaking cruise!

The iPhone fits securely into the Spider Podium.
The rubbery friction gave my iPhone a good grip.
I held it like a camcorder with its flexible legs.

I will show some more examples in future videos.
In the mean time, enjoy this twisted visual treat.

Adrian Lee

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iPhone Accessories Unboxing and Review -- Spider Podium
iPhone Accessories Unboxing and Review -- Spider Podium