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A Good Workout with Xbox Kinect Adventures


I skipped 3 Sundays of routine jogging due to work and other excuses. One excuse is I get sleepy in the afternoon if I jogged in the morning. So today, I scheduled a new routine… An Xbox Kinect workout between dinner and sleep. That will kill three birds with one stone… no sitting down with […]

Seafood Buffet Experience at Aquamarine

Started off with salmon sashimi with a dash of wasabi. Followed by a dozen fresh oysters opened right in front of my eyes. Shellfish species like snowcrab, pincers, clams and crayfish completes the feast. That’s not all of course. Sweet desserts, fruits and salad (duckmeat salad especially) made this meal the most memorable experience. Experience […]

Ten Tips to Look Good on Camera

Remove flashy and noisy jewelry. If you are wearing glasses, be sure they are non-glare. Get rid of dark eye circles and bags by placing lights below your face and shoot upwards. If you have long hair, put it behind your shoulders. Get rid of any shine on your skin. Avoid loose flyaway hairs with […]