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My iPhone 6 Silver Matches My MacBook Pro

iPhone 6 Silver MacBook Pro

There is one reason I chose the iPhone 6 Silver over other colors. It matches perfectly with my MacBook Pro’s metallic silver shell. These two are my most used tools in my HDB home office business. I love checking out new gadgets from the I.T. Fairs in Singapore. Curious… Let me know why you’re here to see this picture […]

What Is 4G Mobile Broadband

Should I install fiber broadband in the office? Maybe not because I work outside the office most of the time and I work alone. So the next question is… Has mobile Internet caught up with its speed? I need the high-speed for online video delivery to clients. That led me to discover 4G and what […]

How to Be Popular on Instagram

Did you recently join Instagram, the iPhone social photo app? Do you want your photos to be featured on the “popular” page and get more followers? I became a member of Instagram yesterday after reading that it is a fast growing social community with over 10 million users within one year. Diving into my newly […]

Testing Almost DSLR iPhone App Inside My Car

Almost DSLR is an iPhone app that takes a picture almost like a DSLR camera.  “Almost” because the similarity lies only in the manual control of focus, exposure and white balance individually. The pictures you see in this post are all taken inside my car with the iPhone 4.  With camera quality setting at 720p, […]