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How to Video Interview an Expert


Today I conducted my first formal expert interview in a STUDIO setup.

I have done many video interviews before, but they were mostly on-the-run type, catching passers by and popping them questions.

Doing a video interview sitting in front of an expert is entirely different from a field interview.

Fortunately, the first expert being interviewed is a personal friend and also a Public Relations Consultant. So during this interview, I gathered plenty of advice from one who teaches others how to be interviewed by the media.

What did I learn from this video interview experience? Everything from finding the right expert to looking good on camera.

  1. How to find the right expert for video interviews. First, understand that video interviews are not the same as email interviews and podcast audio interviews. The expert knows his stuff inside out, but can he speak and present his knowledge well. The best bet is to find an expert who has advanced to public speaking on his subject. Offer an incentive to promote his business at the end of the interview.
  2. How to research expert interview questions. If you have found an expert that is doing public speaking, chances are he has written articles and blogs on his subject. Read and derive questions that he has answered in his articles. Check out recent articles from other experts in the same field as well to get more questions. Experts know what’s hot in their industry hence will write about it. Share the questions with the expert at least one week in advance and allow him to rearrange the sequence to suit his topics.
  3. How to make the expert feel comfortable on camera. On video, you have to speak well and look good at the same time. Not all public speakers can perform confidently on video camera. Give the expert a warm drink. Do a little small talk unrelated to the interview. Introduce yourself and your background. Tell the expert how the filming is done and that any hiccups will be deleted. Say that there is no need to look into the camera and that it is just a casual conversation with you.
  4. What are some powerful expert interview techniques. Entertain your audience. Set your content apart from the rest by letting your personality take the stage. If you are on a chair, sit up and lean slightly toward the expert like you are very interested in what he is saying. Use high chairs for better energy. Interview the expert like having a casual conversation. Use joining statements to lead the conversation to the next question. Generate new questions as and when needed.
  5. How to shoot the video interview. It is good to have two video camcorders for different angles. One camcorder shoots the mid shot of the expert and the other will be the wide shot of you and the expert. For good sound quality, use a wireless microphone clipped near the expert’s collar. Make sure every one’s face is illuminated and not in the shadow. Let the camera roll all the way till the end of the interview. We can edit the footage later.

Why am I video interviewing experts? This is part of my new content creation business plan.

If you need help in video interviews, pop me a question or two in the comment box below.

Adrian Lee

Team Building Video – Motivating Employees for Better Performance

Interviewed my friend, a corporate team building developer, Timothy Ooi of

A valuable 2-minute expert tip for my vlog over iced lemon tea at the Wild Pot Cafe.

In this tip, Timothy answers one pressing question on most bosses minds… “How to motivate employees for better performance?”.



Adrian Lee


Buying Hair Loss Shampoo for Men

In this video blog, I visit Daisy’s shop, Beauty Reformings, at Cuppage Plaza Singapore.

My wife visits Daisy for ear candling and beauty fix.

For me, I am visiting Daisy to get her new Herbal Hair Treatment shampoo for men.

Here’s 3 reasons for hair loss:
1. Poor diet.
2. Stress.
3. Lack of sleep.

My hair seems to be getting less… maybe due to stress at work and lack of sleep.

I watch my diet very well, so I am sure my diet is not the cause of my hair loss.

Anyway, enjoy the video and the soothing feel of Daisy’s shop… it is one that you want to visit.

Beauty Reformings

Adrian Lee

Video Blogging with the iPhone 4

Hair Loss Shampoo for Men -- I Bought It

Hair Loss Shampoo for Men -- I Bought It

21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business — Interview with Tom Abbott


An Interview with Tom Abbott, the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business”

I met Tom Abbott more than a year ago in BNI — Business Networking International Singapore.

Coming from Canada to establish his company in Singapore, I personally witnessed Tom’s business grow exponentially in a short few months as a Sales Coach.

Tom Abbott of is now known as Southeast Asia’s Number 1 Sales Specialist.

Tom is also the author of “The SOHO Solution: 21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business”…

I had the honor to corner him after his speaking showcase at BNI Rendezvous Singapore to reveal the selling strategies mentioned in his book.

This this interview, I asked Tom to tell me the secrets to:

1. Identifying the ideal target customer.
2. Differentiating from the competition.
3. Converting more leads into sales.

The answers spilled in this video is enough to get you on the right track to start growing your small business.

Watch and take notes!

Adrian Lee
Video Blogging and Internet Marketing on the Road

Pre order Tom Abbott’s book at…

21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business -- Interview with Tom Abbott

21 Selling Strategies for Growing Your Small Business -- Interview with Tom Abbott