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Friday Food Frenzy is Gong Gong

Today’s food adventure with Stella was at the freshly renovated Changi Village. Very airy. Stella’s favorite stores were either not there anymore or moved to another spot. So we settled for what we guessed were the favorite stores. There was the Hokkien Prawn Noodle. Then there was the mutton cheese Roti John. I saw other […]

Yong Tau Foo with Spicy Mi Tai Mak

Yong Tau Foo with Spicy Mi Tai Mak at Tiong Bahru Plaza Kopitiam, Singapore. The chilli is strong and the gravy slightly sweet and sour. The white mi tai mak is just the right texture. I rate this dinner 5 out of 5. Value for money at S$4.50. Will be back for more.

Seafood Buffet Experience at Aquamarine

Started off with salmon sashimi with a dash of wasabi. Followed by a dozen fresh oysters opened right in front of my eyes. Shellfish species like snowcrab, pincers, clams and crayfish completes the feast. That’s not all of course. Sweet desserts, fruits and salad (duckmeat salad especially) made this meal the most memorable experience. Experience […]