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How to Earn Extra Monthly Income in Singapore

Are you seeking extra monthly income? I am looking for people to help me grow my business. All you need is a smartphone, the internet, and Facebook… And maybe also a power bank, so you can work from anywhere. All you have to do is post on facebook to earn. It’s not a job. It’s […]

Signing Up for Amazon UK Affiliate Program

For years, I have been making trickle of dollars from Amazon affiliate program. Recently, sales picked up, especially in the cameras and accessories items. From my website statistics, I can see visitors coming from all over the world. However, I suspect sales were mostly done with the US visitors, and not the rest. That is […]

Hostgator Coupon Code 2014 – 25% DISCOUNT

Hostgator Coupon Codes 2014

If you are going to buy hosting service from Hostgator, copy this coupon code to get 25% discount. Hostgator Coupon Code: ¬†ADRIANVIDEOIMAGE Hostgator Website Hosting Review My blog is hosted by Hostgator since many years ago. ¬†I have used other hosting services, like Bluehost, Godaddy, Yahoo Small Business and others that have closed down. […]

Event Videography and Web Video Production

Seminar and Web Video

Reinstated 2 web pages about my services. They were hidden during the transition. The transition to working from home. The 2 services are: 1. Seminar & Event Videography Professional video recording of your presentations. Record seminars and conferences for distribution on the web. 2. Web Video Production Let Me Help Your Business Record, […]

Why Are Flats Called Flats

It all started with the thought that I am going to leave my FLATTED factory office to work from home in my HDB FLAT. Then I wondered why they use the word FLAT for the 2 types of buildings when they do not look one bit FLAT! As in squashed flat FLAT! I googled Google […]