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Camera Travel Insurance in Singapore

I am looking for insurance to protect my camera and other equipment while on a business trip out of Singapore. No one seems to be able to answer my questions. travel insurance for camera equipment and laptops camera insurance for photographers video camera insurance videography insurance MacBook travel insurance First,  Should I buy insurance with […]

Singapore to Los Angeles Trip Planner Blog 2017

In this post, I plan my trip to LA in July 2017 for business and pleasure. SG to LA (THINGS TO DO BEFORE FLIGHT) Do Singaporeans need a visa to enter the USA? How much is the airfare and what is the flight time? How much is the travel insurance for humans and for equipment? […]

Vlogging Restart, FZ2500 Power, Premiere Pro

“Breathe, smile, thank, forgive, and visualise your day blossom with happiness.” – Adrian Lee Today, I re-started the daily vlogging routine. Re-started? Yes, it stopped for nearly 2 weeks. VLOGGING RESTART What worked? Why? I did shoot the vlogs. It’s easy to shoot. What did not work? Why? Editing is delayed. The editing task ahead feels daunting. […]