How to Remove Medialooks Logo Watermark and Camtasia MP4 Error

Something really annoying happened to my Camtasia today. Wasted four hours of productivity just to figure out the solution.

What happened?

A “medialooks” logo appeared out of nowhere and stuck itself on the top left hand corner of all my renders.

Used the same setting I have always been using for the past few months without problem.

How did the “medialooks” logo get there? What did I do wrong? Was it some overlooked settings?

After going through all my Camtasia settings, I cannot find anything that will even turn on the logo.

Googling for the answer, I learnt  that the uninvited “medialooks” logo will appear in videos when there is some kind of QuickTime trial software installed.

Nonsense! I did not install any kind of QuickTime trial programs… wait… I did the regular update of iTunes and QuickTime player 3 days ago.

Then some forum expert suggests uninstalling QuickTime and installing free K-lite codec.  So I followed exactly.

Great! The time-sucking problematic logo is gone.  BUT now, there is a new issue!

Introducing the second problem…

Camtasia cannot detect MP4 video. There is audio but no visual.

What I am doing is use Camtasia to convert an MP4 video rendered from Sony Vegas to another format.

After tweaking K-lite and messing around with the confusing settings, Camtasia still cannot read an MP4 video properly.

What next?

Uninstalled K-lite codec… re-installed QuickTime…

NOW… Camtasia completely cannot accept MP4 files… and always showing codec error message.

Then it hit me… A little voice spoke…telling me what to do.

“Uninstall and re-install Camtasia!”

YES! it worked.

No need K-lite codec at all. Just install QuickTime first then install Camtasia.



5 Steps to Solving Camtasia MP4 Codec Error and Removing Medialooks Logo Watermark

  1. Uninstall QuickTime.
  2. Uninstall Camtasia.
  3. Restart PC.
  4. Install QuickTime.
  5. Install Camstasia.

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Adrian Lee


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  1. 05/30/2017 – Just had the same thing happen. Because Quick Time would not play .mov files I went and installed ‘Avid Codecs LE 2.3.8 Windows.’

    I researched a little and found “K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1316_Full.exe.”

    I installed that and the media looks logo disappeared both when viewing thru QuickTime as well as the “321 Media Player Classic” that the K-Lite installed.

    Easy peasy fix. :)

  2. I sympathize with your time sucking Medialooks problem. For us it had the added benefit damaging our reputation. This happened to us during a live exhibition. Suddenly this “Medialooks” watermark appeared on all of our MP4 encoded clips on both the monitor and as they were projected onto the screen! The TD was screaming “what the *@&## is that?!” Everyone on the production hit the roof! Everything changed and we cut the number of clips down as much as we could but it was too late to really change much. Afterwards the client complained profusely!

    During the postmortem we discovered that Medialooks is the creator of Quicktime and that there was an automatic Apple Update applied to our Quicktime and iTunes software the day before. . . Our exhibition software apparently either wasn’t licensed or had an older license to use the codecs We previously experienced system lockups that were traced to an iTunes update. . .

    Apple! Medialooks! Never again.
    We placed the blame squarely on the Apple/Medialooks software where the watermark came from, and we decided that this kind of trashy behavior is completely unforgivable and unacceptable for any software in a configuration being used during any live exhibition. . .

    We immediately uninstalled all software from Apple and especially Medialooks, and banned them from our system. We replaced the codecs using the K-Lite install and have never experienced such unforgivable behavior again… Goodbye Apple/Medialooks software.

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